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Wizard Coins Bracelet
  • Wizard Coins Bracelet


    -The main pendant is alloy coins, suede rope elastic adjustment

    -Red copper feathers and blue feathers on the left, and small hemp leaves on the right

    -Chain body is 6mm African turquoise

    -Combined with brass septa and cross-shaped alloy beads

    -Another black is available

    -Imported elastic cord

    • Maintenance

      -All elastic bracelets are made of silk elastic threads made in Japan. The elastic threads are consumables and provide a lifetime warranty. If you find any looseness, please contact us for replacement.


      -Metal parts may become dull after washing the chain over time. You can use copper water or silver cloth brush to restore gloss.


      -All products are recommended to stay away from water sources (including washing face and hands, exercise a lot of sweat or rain) to maintain the best condition, if it gets wet, it needs to be dried in time.


      -Unless specifically marked, most products are not made of precious metals or precious stones, and there is no guarantee that they will not fade.

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