Aomori Glass Bracelet
  • Aomori Glass Bracelet


    -Handmade 7mm Indian glazed beads and ethnic style alloy, brass match
    -The main pendant is the sun pattern and fawn leather rope
    -Hanging feathers and arrow alloy
    -There are also the same blue, purple and green to choose from


    • Maintenance

      -The elastic bracelets are made of silk elastic threads made in Japan. The elastic threads are consumables and provide a lifetime warranty. If you find any looseness, please contact us for replacement.


      - Washing chains metal member may become dim with time, water may be used copper or silver polishing wipe cloth wiping restore luster.


      - All suggestions products away from water (including wash hands, motion induce sweating or rain) to maintain the optimum state, such as the need for timely wet wipe.


      - Unless otherwise indicated, the absolute majority of the product is not made of precious metals or precious stones, nor guaranteed not to fade.