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Arikala Thunderbird Necklace
  • Arikala Thunderbird Necklace


    legendary american indian tribe

    There is a huge bird described as a supernatural being

    Symbolizes the power to protect humans from evil spirits

    It's called Thunderbird

    Because the beating of its huge wings sounds like thunder and its eyes shoot lightning

    For millennia, Native Americans have revered the legendary thunderbird

    and tell the tale through song and oral history

    The symbol representing the thunderbird appears widely on handicrafts

    Thunderbird's silver products are hotly sought after

    Be the Loudest Thunderer of an American Indian Tribe

    • Maintenance and Repair

      - Sterling silver Thunderbird fastener, sterling silver spacers and glass beads

      - Hand-sewn Japanese cloth strips

      - Cloth rope width 3 mm, total length 90 cm

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